Springerville Generating Station Solar System

Fact Sheet — January 1, 2007Description of the Solar Array
Display of Current Solar Production

System Information:

Total Array Coverage Area:44acres
Number of PV Arrays - Fixed at 34 Degrees Tilt:34arrays
Fixed Array Azimuth Direction:180Degrees - South
Total Number of PV Modules:34,980modules
Total PV DC Array Capacity Rating (STC):4,590kW
Total Inverter AC Capacity Rating:5,100kW
Total System AC PVUSA Rating:3,812kW
System Actual AC Output - 1 Minute Rating:5,113kW (Dec 6th)*
System Actual AC Output - 15 Minute Rating:4,644kW *
Actual 2006 Annual Net AC Energy Production:7,765MWh
Expected 2007 Annual Net AC Energy Production:    7,846MWh
Average Annual Energy Production Site Rating:1,730kWh / kW DC
Reliability in 2003/2004/2005: 99.78%/99.72%/99.81%
Reliability in 2006: 99.75%

Array Information:

Parameter:ASEFirst SolarBP Solarex
Number of Arrays2644
Module Type300 DG/50FS-45 & FS-50MST-43
Modules per Array4502688 to 30243000
Modules per String965
Strings per Row216 to 1820
Power per String STC2,700 watts300 215
Design String VOC595 volts580 volts545 volts
String Operating DC Volts380 - 430 volts300 - 360 volts300 - 310 volts
Design Array Power STC135,000 watts134,400+ watts129,000 watts
Module Failure Rate 20040.009%Pre-Commercial0.092%

Inverter Information:

Inverter Type:Xantrex PV-150
Rated Capacity:157 kVA
Operating Power Factor:0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion:Less than 3.0%
Inverter Efficiency - Average Daily Cycle:96%
Inverter Reliability in 2003 / 2004 / 200599.92% / 99.87% / 99.92%

All SGSSS Oil Filled Transformers use oil derived from seeds, EnviroTemp fluid, which is readily biodegradable and is non-bioaccumulating. Because it is a seed-oil based fluid it can be differentiated from mineral oil regulation. And, the transformers achieve 99.2% energy conversion efficiency.

* = Cloud Enhanced Power Output.


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